Nugget of the Week: 2011 Classes Just Around the Corner!

As we wrap up 2010’s classes, we look forward to scheduling our 2011 classes with some exciting offerings! Here’s a short list of classes we’re planning:

    • DIY Custom Lampshade Class – turn your dim lamp into a bright one with a knockout shade!
    • DIY Headboard Class – Spruce your bed! Complete your own designer headboard!
    • DIY Bench Class – pick out one of our stellar fabrics or bring your own – we’ll build a sweet little bench together!
    • DIY Bring Your Own Chair Class – an oldie but a goodie. Check out Spruce’s long list of “Before and After” success stories. Get inspired – you can do it!
    • DIY Chair Class  – we’ll offer one during the week for those of you who are occupied on the weekends.
    • Party Classes – special requests entertained! We’d had a few solicitations for dedicated classes and would love to help your group get Spruced! What a great gift for birthdays, work parties, or just for fun!

We have not set the dates yet, but if you have any inquiries please call, email, or stop by. We look forward to “Sprucing” with you in 2011!