Happy Thanksgiving from Spruce!

As you all are rushing around to get your house clean for family, we are rushing around making sure everyone gets that “spruced” piece of furniture in time for the holiday! I am chomping at the bit to get a few Christmas trees here at Spruce, but we will pause and celebrate the holiday with the best food hands down. Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for being able to get to do what we love as well as having clients that are so top-notch. Over our own Thanksgiving lunch today (you can see Pixie in the photo hoping for a few morsels), we came up with a few things we are thankful for and can’t live without.

T – Turkey Cutter: You use it for turkey, we use it for foam ha!
H – Hammer: Duh
A – “Aretha” the Air Compressor: She is loud and proud.
N – Natchez furniture care: Will give any piece of wooden furniture new life.
K – Klinch – It: For that spring work we do on all of your chairs!
S – Staples: About a million in every single piece of furniture
G – Goggles: Safety first people
I – Iron: Can’t look shabby
V – Varnish: Necessary for all those wood refinishing overhauls
I – Industrial Sewing Machine: Also known as “Britney” and “Christina”
N – Nails: These guys make sure your springs stay nice and tight
G – Gloves: We would have some gnarly fingers if we didn’t use our gloves

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving full of tons of turkey, stuffing, and family! Spruce will be closed Thursday through Sunday of this week. See you Monday and Gig’ em Aggies (I couldn’t resist)!!