New Spruce Team Member: Introducing Kristen!

We are so grateful and excited to have some new Sprucettes here to help man the ship! Most recently, we began working with the lovely Kristen Williams.

Kristen in a sporting mood!

Kristen in a sporting mood!

Kristen is an honorary Texan hailing from Grand Prairie, Texas. She matriculated at the University of Texas here in Austin, and after a stint in New York City (working for the the New York Yankees!) she made her way back to A-town. Kristen attended one of our Bring-Your-Own-Chair Classes a couple of years ago. And that’s when she developed her yen for upholstery!

What can I say about Kristen? My, my! Kristen truly has a knack for upholstery, which was evident when we saw her work in class. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are difficult to teach, and she seems to possess these qualities innately! I’m so impressed and excited to see what tricks she has up her sleeve. She has proven to be thorough, efficient and, despite her compact and lithe frame, a total strong-arm!

An impromptu snapshot of Kristen's pup Birdie, as per request from Clar.

An impromptu snapshot of Kristen’s pup Birdie, as per request from Clar.

But enough about work! I wanted to get to know the real Kristen — the woman, the wife of a man named Ben, the best friend to dog Birdie (above), citizen of Austin! Read my interview with Kristen below!

Clar: Kristen, I understand you’ve been studying upholstery since we saw you in chair class. Can you show us your best upholstery project yet?

Kristen: This is a Chesterfield couch with velvet fabric I just completed. The tufting took forever, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

An impressive Chesterfield sofa upholstered by Kristen Williams.

An impressive Chesterfield sofa upholstered by Kristen Williams.

Clar: I’ll say! That is truly, truly stunning! I wonder how many buttons it has… A couple hundred? Geez! Great job!

Other than burning the midnight oil doing upholstery work, what’s your favorite evening activity?

Kristen: Catching a blues show at The Skylark. I love going to watch the old men jam.

Shot of The Skylark's nightlife and entertainment courtesy of Tamir Kalifa for the Austin American Statesman,

Shot of The Skylark’s nightlife and entertainment. Photo credited to Tamir Kalifa for the Austin American-Statesman.

Clar: Cool, Kristen! Thanks for the tip! Do you have a favorite eatery in town?

Kristen: I can’t choose! There are so many great spots in Austin. But one dish I constantly crave is the Fresca Pizza at Bufalina.


Bufalina’s Fresca pizza! Photo via Sushi in the ATX.

Clar: Ahhh! I want to go there so much! If you were a cake, what kind would you be?

Kristen: Hummingbird cake…bananas, pecans, cream cheese frosting…YUMMY!

Clar: I am developing quite a sweet tooth having worked with Katherine for so long. If I were a sweet treat, I’d be a key lime pie! Mmm!

I wonder what kind of visual media you consume? What is your best source for interior inspiration?

Kristen: The British version of Livingetc. It’s filled with so many amazing spaces and provides me with so much inspiration for my own home.

Clar: I was fully unaware. You have gifted me with a new rabbit hole to follow. Thanks for that! I love the English sense of style, especially when it’s more kooky and anarchic! I love designer Zandra Rhodes and artist Duggie Fields.

What’s your ideal vacation spot?

Kristen: Right now, my ideal vacation spot is Lisbon, Portugal. That’s where I’d like to travel to next. I try to take one big trip a year, whatever’s next on my bucket list. Over the last few years, I’ve traveled to Thailand, Argentina and Spain.

View of the Alfama quarter in Lisbon, Portugal. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

View of the Alfama quarter in Lisbon, Portugal. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Clar: I’m so envious about that! Too much fun! I sense a blog series… 🙂

What were you like as a kiddo? Were you always pretty ‘visual’? I know that you studied and practiced film in school. What else?

Kristen: I played volleyball and did cheerleading. I still enjoy playing sand volleyball with social leagues and the occasional pick-up game. I was super shy. I hated going to team activities by myself (i.e. without other kids that I knew). I tried dance, baton twirling, piano, soccer, softball and didn’t stick with any of those things for long. It’s kind of sad, but I have multiple team pictures where it’s obvious I’d been crying.

Clar: Aww! Ha! That’s so familiar to me! I too was a shy and tentative adolescent. I was better at noodling around by me’self. Must be an only-child thing (I will divulge that I was a cheerleader, as well!).

Last question: If money, expertise, machinery, time, etcetera were no object, what would you like to design, make or manufacture? (Spaceship? Clothes? Paul Bunyon sculptures?)

Kristen: Nothing crazy. I’d become a chef and make amazing food for myself, my friends and family. No restaurant. I’d just cook great food and spend time with great people. Make some memories. 🙂

Well played Kristen, well played!

festoon_lights sketch blog
À la mode de Todd Selby, Kristen has indulged me by doodling her favorite object at home. Shown above is a sweet sketch of the lights strung across her backyard. According to Kristen, these bulbs provide the perfect amount of light for entertaining. On your way to making memories!

We’re so excited to make some fun moments happen with you too, Kristen! Thanks for joining us! We’re pleased to have you, dear!