Inspiration of the Week: Sister Corita!

Screenprinting is awfully popular these days. There is a poster or print for just about everything. It’s used when manufacturing fabric as well, and I for one am a fan! I have to have restraint on occasion, as it is a great way to have art in your home at a fraction of the cost. Recently I came upon a woman who, along with Andy Warhol, was on the forefront of adopting this process. A woman by the name of Corita Kent, a.k.a. Sister Mary Corita, used this medium to express her own point of view.

Sister Corita had a unique story. For decades of her life she was a Catholic nun, teaching art at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles. She joined the order after high school and was able to create her art within the church for most of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.  Her classroom was described by many as a  truly inspiring experience. She often screened movies, played music, and encouraged progressive discussions to inspire her students’ work and her own.

During a few weeks between semesters Sister Corita would work tirelessly creating her own designs. Her art often used parts of pop culture, religion, and politics.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] Why not give a damn about your fellow man.jpgSister Corita Open Wide.jpgsister-corita-kent6.jpgSister Corita Love.jpgSister Corita Manflowers.jpgSister Corita Give the Gang.jpgCorita Kent Print 2.jpgKent_Corita_close.jpgCKent1D.jpg[/pe2-gallery]


Her message was most often one of peace. She was an advocate of the idea that caring for your fellow man was of the highest importance. Preach it Sister! She typically used vibrant colors in her art, nothing restrained or subtle. I like to think that it was because she felt so compelled to encourage people to take what she was saying seriously.

She did eventually leave the Church to devote her time entirely to her own work. Sister Corita passed away from cancer, leaving behind a legacy of art, inspiration, ideas, humanity, and open thought.

You can learn more about Sister Corita here and see many more samples of her fascinating art. Visit the Corita Art Center on the campus of Immaculate Heart High School for further inspiration.