Back to School and New Retail At Spruce!

Hope all is well with everyone and that you’re getting back into some school spirit. We certainly are! This year the return-to-school season puts me in such a nostalgic and playful mood, which seems to be the feeling overriding at Spruce. I recently joined Meredith and her roomies for some killer kid-like fun at Jumpoline, where we bounced our heads off! Katherine and I went roller-skating at Playland this week and ruminated about our glory days at the rink in tween-to-teenage years. (After falling twice, I was able to regain my backwards-skate rhythm. Yesss!)


Meredith and her roomies on the moon!

Me and Katherine at Inline Skate National Championships. (Ha!)

This time each year for the majority of my life I looked forward to several check points. (Frugal) back-to-school clothes shopping, school supplies, the prospect of meeting new friends in the fresh school year, and my favorite extra-curricular occupations – dance, music, art, and home-room projects were in high-anticipation. Too fun!

At the shop, we got a head-start and did our “homework” (:P)! We present to you some bang-up, back-to-school, brand-spankin’-new retail! Getta load of it! Duh!

First up, a found tear-drop shaped ceramic base lamp is refurbished with new acrylic base, topped with a sweet and smart Amy Butler fabric shade. All is illuminated!


Speaking of lamps…use this next pair whilst writing your book report for 1st period English Lit. You’ll be sure to get 100%!


IMG_0688 (600x900) - Copy.jpg

Bust base lamps were sprayed with a technicolor gold and matched with shades upholstered in a bright red and white, classic-with-a-twist key fabric.

After your first week of school, decompress on this real gone couch. Call your friend Debbie and see if she’ll spend the night. Does she still have a crush on Dylan? Talk it out!

IMG_0878 (900x506).jpg

IMG_0850 (900x661).jpg

Frame was refinished in a deep espresso brown. Fabric is Vervain’s “Chalonnais” in color noir. I die!

We’ve found some cute, cute, cute hassocks and reupholstered the pads in a fun black and white graphic. Use this at the desk for homework, or pull it up to the sofa and put your feet up. We love their big look and versatility, despite their small scale.


IMG_0880 (600x900).jpg

Our last new hip and fun pieces (perfect for the dorm) are these two end tables! Found and sprayed in a bright turquoise, they are sure to bring cool form and needed function to your space. We think these could easily double as occasional seating.

IMG_0462 (900x600).jpg

IMG_0479.JPGAll items are hyper-linked to our website for more info and pricing.

We wish you a totally productive and enlightening school year, and hope you find time to exercise your most favorite design hobbies with us on your off-time. Come and take one of our classes! We’d love to teach you some DIY design. Solid ‘A’ guaranteed!