Inspiration for the Week: Furniture and Fabrics on the Big Screen

While watching the Golden Globe Awards, I started thinking about furniture and home decor in the movies and on TV. This has been on my mind for a while now and I’ve obviously been inspired by it. Hopefully you’ll find it inspiring too!

First, there’s Pillow Talk. Seriously, a movie featuring Doris Day as an interior designer–of course it’s going to be perfect! Look at that desk chair!!

On a retro note, I have always loved the set of Down with Love. I think most people have forgotten about that movie, but I thought the sets were adorable. I love the pink chairs in her apartment!

Julie and Julia: Not so much Julie’s pizzeria apartment (although they do have some really cute things in there!), I’m really talking about Julia’s house in Paris. I cannot find a picture of it, but you know the part. It’s when she says in her crazy voice, “Oh Paul, we get to live here?!” It has all of those magnificent windows and lots of lovely French furniture. I’d love to spruce up one of their chairs!

One of my favorites: Mamma Mia. Even the fabrics that are hanging on the clotheslines are amazing! They’re by designer Josef Frank. To die for–and just thinking about it is making me ready for spring!

Finally, I need to set my DVR to record Mad Men. I’ve heard rumors about how great their furniture is!

It looks like it’s worth catching to me. Have a happy Monday!