So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

We are pleased to share that the chair dearest to our heart has found a lovely home. The chair that put Spruce on the map has left the building. It is none other than the Constellation Chair. The question, “Can we really do that?!” was said many a time in the early discussions of construction and execution of this chair. What was once a traditional floral printed chair had been reborn into a piece of art! Lizzie and Amanda when looking at this piece recall the 40 hours that were spent hand sewing each of these “stars” onto the black canvas fabric.  Then, they took these pieces and constructed their very own galaxy! This chair representing stars has become a bit of a star as well. It was featured in the Upholstery Journal as a chair having come full circle. We could not agree more.

We are so glad after all the hard work that went into this chair it has found an outstanding home! A client located in Manhattan has decided to add this to her space along with some other wonderful chairs we reupholstered for her. She has promised us to send photos of the chair in its new home.

So long Constellation Chair. We hope your travels to Manhattan are safe and you are the topic of much conversation.