Home Projects 2010

For the Sprucettes, New Year’s resolutions are often based on sprucing up our own homes and 2010 is no exception! Amanda is reupholstering a Bergere chair for her living room. Tessa has some big plans for our favorite Schumacher fabric and one of her side chairs. And, I have 2 major projects to do.

First, my wonderful husband, Khanh, built us a great dining table!
Notice anything missing? Yes, chairs! I think dining chairs are going to be the first priority for 2010. I need to find a set of 10! Yikes! I’ll keep you updated as I get going with this project.

Secondly, I really would like a new sofa. Although I am super grateful for the hand-me-downs, I am ready for something that I pick out myself– and, perhaps, make myself. I’ve had my eye out for a while, but it’s time to seriously start looking. Hopefully we’ll be sitting pretty when the ball drops for 2011! Wish me luck!