Hello. My Name Is….

Meredith. Meredith Ellen Carmichael if we are being formal. Carmichael from my dad, Ellen from my grandmother, and Meredith just from me. If you have been into the Spruce studio in the last month you may have already met me. I am the new gal up front! I am the one who will hopefully make your life a little easier and your couch a little more comfy. I have loved being an admirer of Spruce for a long time, and I have the upholstered headboard to prove it! But now I get to be a genuine Sprucette! Below are a few things that will help you feel like you already know me when you walk in the door. These are just a few nuggets, and I am glad to get to introduce myself!

Things I HEART most.

Mi Familia – My most favorite people happen to be those I am related to. I know not everyone can say that, so I count myself among the fortunate few. I love how different we all are but how it comes together to make a really quirky clan.

Austin – I love the food, the music, the weather (well not always). I love that I can always count on people to want to come visit me. It’s hard to beat a little boot scootin’ at the Broken Spoke or Frank & Angie’s slide and salad special.

Travel – Seeing new places and making new memories is right at the top of my list.  My love of travel plays right into my love of history. I totally geek out when I get to BE places where history was made. I am not picky when it comes to travel. Take me to a city, the mountains, beach, domestic, foreign, hot, cold. All I am going to ask you is “When do we leave?”

Funny People – I always hope someone’s wit and sense of timing will rub off on me! If you tell a great joke or give a good zinger, you are an instant friend. I guess its no surprise then that Tina Fey is my serious girl crush.

Things I get OVERLY excited about.

SPRUCE, spontaneous dance parties, a grilled cheese and vanilla milkshake, Harry Potter, Billy Joel (Oh Billy), declaring an “art day”, Tina Fey, Jane Austen, jewel tones, my cowboy boots, Lonestar, Ray Lamontagne, singing in the shower, The Paramount Theatre, 30 Rock, photos, Etsy, arranging flowers, chicken fajitas, Imogen Heap, mixed media artwork, ANY and all musical theatre, old country songs, laughing till it hurts, card games, CO in the summer, going to the movies on a Saturday afternoon, summer camp, Stevie Wonder, Schumacher, succulents, C.S. Lewis, and really any Disney princess.

So there you have it. If you come into the studio I LOVE to talk about any of these things, especially fabrics and Harry Potter ha! Can’t wait to see you all at Spruce!