Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day.jpg


Federal holidays…you gotta love them.  They usually sneak up on me so they are like little surprise vacations.  More than that, Memorial Day is a day where we can remember those who so bravely sacrificed their life for our country.  We are proud to say that our very own Mr. Frank Barnhouse served in the military.  At the age of eighteen, after moving to the United States from Germany, Frank’s father walked him over to the recruiting agency and simply said “I want you to join the military”.  Frank, being the obedient son that he is, said “ok”.  Funny enough, they sent him back to Germany to serve for three years eventually making his way back to the States.  Frank fondly remembers the days of driving the tanks and shooting his 50 caliber (which is apparently was his favorite weapon).

I’m sure that you are all dying to know what we will all be doing for this three day weekend.  Allow me to relieve the suspense.


Amanda and her hubby are on their way as we speak to South Padre Island.  Their weekend will include lots of friends, BBQ and I imagine a few beers.


Clar will be at the shop Saturday to serve the public of their upholstery needs.  However, she has big plans for Sunday and Monday which mainly involves eating corn on the cobb.  It’s her favorite.  Other than that she will be hanging out and getting some house work done on her newly purchased home.

krause springs.jpg

Meredith will be checking out Krause Springs in Spicewood.  More importantly, she is going to be purchasing a lawn mower…very exciting.


Gabrielle will simply be relaxing by her pool and doing as little as possible…that is my style.


Frank is enforcing a NO UPHOLSTERY weekend for himself.   As he should!  He has plans to enjoy a big steak, which I have a feeling will be prepared by Brian seeing as he loves to cook for his family.


When the clock strikes 5:00pm, I will be on my way home to Louisiana.  I have a busy weekend.   I will be attending my 10 year high school reunion, eating lots of crawfish (I have to get my fill when I am home), and, spending time with my beloved nieces and nephews.  I can’t wait.


I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets to do exactly what they want.  Be safe and don’t forget that we be closed on Memorial Day, but will be OPEN on Saturday.