May BYOC Class!

This last week we had the pleasure of six fantastic folks in our “Bring Your Own Chair” class this month. This class was extra special in that we had not one, but THREE men in the class! It is most often a bevy of gals in class, so it was a fun change of pace to have a little testosterone in the group. Take a look at the wide range of chairs that we had this last week and all the fantastic transformations.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] IMG_9688.JPGIMG_9687.JPGIMG_9696.JPGIMG_9699.JPGIMG_9691.JPGIMG_9710.JPGIMG_9708.JPGIMG_9717.JPGIMG_9706.JPGIMG_9711.JPGIMG_9714.JPGIMG_9742.JPGIMG_9737.JPGIMG_9730.JPGIMG_9736.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

You can see little Lavar snoozin’ away as well as Katherine’s treat for the class, fudge chocolate espresso brownies. Yummmmm! We had a great time and thanks to everyone in the class for being so awesome. Can’t wait for the next one!