Happy 4th of July!!!

Hello all! Happy Independance Day to you! We will be closed at Spruce for Wednesday July 4th, and are wishing all of you a safe and sparkling holiday. Just wanted to post a couple of Spruce – related projects and found images to celebrate the day and get you in the mood for fireworks, watermelons, pooltime, beers, barbecues, and patriotic upholstery! Cheers!!!!


Awesome red-white and blue chair from our BYOC class. Great job!


Windowpane print chair from the old Spruce days.

Found on the web - An American in Paris! Get it? Sorry I had to!

Found on the web - cute ottoman!

We salute you! VFW - ready bench! Awesome.

Sweet flag pillow with salvaged flair.


Happy Holidays folks! Take care!