Before and Afters!



Other than getting to hang out with my super cool co-workers everyday, seeing the before and after shots of our work is my favorite part of the job.  It’s like the Jenny Jone/Ricki Lake makeover shows only its furniture…and it’s not televised.  Taking furniture that wouldn’t have been looked at twice and making it a standout piece makes me feeling like we are making a difference in this world.  Ok…maybe that is over doing it but it does make me feel good knowing that we saved a piece of furniture from going to the dump.  Take a look at some of our most recent transformations from this past month.

This little Louis chair was so drab before.  Our client choose a fabric by Duralee (Berkley Collection in pink lemonade) to give it some personality.  I would say this chair was a success!



Hocevar Chair After 3.JPG

Next up is a mid-century office chair.   How can anyone expect to get any work done in this snooze fest?  The solution…peach and white velvet!  Now, not only is this chair appeasing to the eye but its also so soft and comfy.  Double whammy!  The client chose a velvet from Fabricut (“Renaissance” in Apricot) for the body if the chair and a crisp white velvet from MJ Designs (“Prima velvet” in white).





When we first met this sectional we all agreed its original fabric was pretty awesome at one time.  It was velvety and had fun candy colored stripes.  As you can see, the upholstery was just a tad worn and a bit dirty.  Our client gave this piece a whole new life by choosing a vibrant turquoise from Maxwell (“Gig Harbor” in Turquoise).  What a beauty!


Perez Section Before 2.JPG



Lastly, we have this barrel back chair.  Pre-makeover, chair was very generic.  It had no oomph.  Luckily, our client was able to see the potential hiding in this lackluster chair.   Post makeover, this chair has a new attitude…and I like it!  It went from ordinary to svelte and sexy in a velvet by Fabricut (“Renaissance” in Sapphire).


arthur before 2.JPG


Arthur Barrel Back Chair After 5.JPG

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.  I can wait to see what fun furniture and fabrics we have in store for us in July.  Until next time!