Before And Afters: Crazy Custom Edition!

In this episode of “Before and Afters,” Spruce brings you some pointedly unique creations. We have had a slew of client-designed furniture that speak to the designer/clients’ personal vision and individuality. We applaud you! If you’re going to spend the money on a project, why not do it big and bold and fearless as these brave hearts have done? Eyeball feast ensues…!

I will announce simultaneously this first piece of furniture with the coming of a new life in the family. Our fearless leader Amanda has a twin sister that is delivering her first baby in coming months! Yaaaay!!!! (Congratulations Jennifer and Justin – you can do it! Amanda becomes an auntie!) Check out this rocker, a gift from Amanda to sis that was rehabbed to FAB!


Blah old rocker from whatever store or garage sale it emerged from. The inspiring factor: comfort. There's the potential!

Jennifer Baby Rock.JPG

Rocker re-made for mom and baby. Moms: jealous? So am I!

The next is so cute. A couple came in to design this chair several times, selecting the perfect vintage sari to work around. Pink velvet and yellow chenille to complement. Here’s the before:

Bussell Chair Before.JPG

An antique chair and ottoman that will be a zinger...just wait!


Come on! Notice the attention to detail. Each individual surface of the chair has been designed and considered. An antique sari adorns the inside back, cushion and outside bottom perimeter of the chair as well as ottoman.


Here's a shot of the outside bottom arms and outside bottom back to use the remaining sari. Interest and attention is given to the outside back with yellow. Wow ya'll! Very unique chair. We hope you love it. We have had many other customer comments and interest to the positive on this piece. You have certainly made a statement. Kudos!!

Okay next, next, next….this one’s close to my heart. Tell you why in a minute. The client brought in a perfectly clean and lovely chair that obviously needed some pizzazz.

D Jones Big Small Chair Before 3.JPG

No problem, just not enough interest for our fun client.

Get a load of this! (I love this: it reminds me of fun beach living in one of my favorite silly places on earth – Florida! This is not for everyone – but I LOVE it! Ms. J – I will come looking for this chair someday!)


There is a stinking new fabric on every part of the chair! So fun. They threw that caution right into the warm Gulf of Mexico! YEAH!

Be so endeared by what’s next. It’s a sweet, spicy Valentine’s Day present. (Nice job to you gentleman for thinking ahead! We hope you’ve delivered ’cause here comes the reveal!)


Yep - it gets better.


BAM! Red and black snakeskin embossed vinyl. Boudoir behold!

Finally there is only an after as we share a custom creation for an Austin iconic businessman. This was designed by the client and created from scratch. With much work and button-tufting we finished this 170-plus-inch lovely headboard in stark white vinyl. CHIIIIC.

Chapel headboard after.JPG

This headboard could happen to you. Just ask us!

We hope this encourages you to say to yourself, “that idea for my sofa wasn’t so unattainable!” If you can design it, we can do it! Trust yourself, and trust us to deliver. Happy Valentines Day lovers!