Headboards and Benches…Oh My!


We have been busy busy busy at the shop cranking out client and retail pieces, so our classes have been a welcome interruption.  During the past few weeks we have hosted a bench class and more recently a headboard class.  These two classes are pretty cool because you literally show up with nothing and leave with a special custom piece.  Before you arrive, our little elves (Clar and I) magically construct your headboard or bench.  People really love these classes because while they are simple, you learn tons of skills that you can apply when reupholstering other projects at home.

Check out some action shots from our bench class.

[pe2-gallery] IMG_9862.JPGIMG_9861.JPGIMG_9864.JPGIMG_9865.JPGIMG_9871.JPGIMG_9875.JPGIMG_9880.JPGIMG_9866.JPGIMG_9867.JPGIMG_9870.JPGIMG_9876.JPGIMG_9878.JPGIMG_9882.JPGIMG_9883.JPGIMG_9885.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

You guys did great!  This was such an easy going group and you really made our jobs easy.  I hope you are sitting on your new bench as you read this!


Last weekend we had our headboard class.  This class is truly one of my favorites because it is so rewarding.  The end product looks as though you ordered it from a magazine.  It is such a practical idea because once we teach you all of the tricks of the trade you can go home and go nuts making custom headboards for every room.

See for yourself…

[pe2-gallery] IMG_0311.JPGIMG_0323.JPGIMG_0307.JPGIMG_0302.JPGIMG_0301.JPGIMG_0325.JPGIMG_0319.JPGIMG_0315.JPGIMG_0304.JPGIMG_0288.JPGIMG_0295.JPGIMG_0296.JPGIMG_0297.JPGIMG_0327.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

See!…I told you they were awesome.  Not only did everyone leave with a pretty awesome headboard but we also had a good time and stuffed our faces with homemade king cake (filled with cream cheese…YUM!) in preparation for Mardi Gras!

I hope everyone has a relaxing President’s Day weekend!