Vote for Spruce in the FedEx + Me Competition!

Hey Spruce lovers! FedEx has chosen to pilot a program called FedEx + Me here in Austin, since our town is so full of small businesses with a passion to make their mark!  FedEx is hoping to support small business by connecting them to each other as a resource, as well as offer discounts that only large corporations get. We have been nominated by the FedEx Selection Committee to participate in a competition that FedEx + Me is hosting called “My Story: Austin.” What this competition does is feature some of Austin’s young small business owners that are making their mark in Austin as well as the rest of the country. So great!! Each business owner has a write-up that talks about what inspires them, why they love their business, and why they love Austin for their business. The business owner that most embodies Austin’s spirit of passion and innovation will receive a $5,000 grant from FedEx. Don’t you think Spruce is the perfect candidate?! We do!

Here is what we need you to do.


Here is how you can vote:

1. Go to
2. Click on the “Vote” tab at the top of the page.
3. Click on the Facebook thumbs up next to Amanda Brown’s name and photo.
* It will ask that you log into your Facebook account to be able to count the vote, so please do this when asked.

And that’s it! We would love it if you would tell your friends to vote as well before Monday, March 6th. This is such a great opportunity to let more people know about Spruce and all the fun work that we are up to! Thanks for all the support, and we will keep you posted. Cross your fingers!