The End of an Era…

The end of an era, sure, but not without the beginning of a positive new epoch. As we gear up for Spruce’s 4th Anniversary party in just a couple weeks, we say goodbye to our previous space and reminisce on times past. Events that took place DIRECTLY NEXT DOOR! Hilarious! We didn’t move to Cleveland people!

But seriously, Spruce has come a long way since its inception, with awesome, creative, great customers, excellent team members, supportive and positive press, sometimes daunting and seemingly insurmountable projects (but we always prevail!), “beer:30” ‘s, three anniversary parties (darn it! in this economy!!), and my favorite, a stimulating cast of rich and varying rotating characters that attend our DIY classes. I want to thank you all personally for entertaining me and employing us for the last year and years past. Love ya’s! THANK YOU!

Enjoy a family slide show of Spruce moments past and present. Also, please see the previous post for our anniversary party details – truly one and all are invited and welcome. Don’t be shy; hope to see you there.


Spruce says 'buh-bye' to 6607 N. Lamar

photo 3.jpg

Humble beginnings: a shot from Spruce's first party. You've come a long way, baby!

photo 2.jpg

Spruce year one party guests.

photo 4.jpg

Early 'fabric library'. My how times have changed. These days we cannot contain our collection!

photo 4.jpg

The old showroom.

photo 5.jpg

The old workroom - it served well, but I won't miss it!!!

Thank you friends, family, Austin, USA, and planet Earth for supporting Spruce!!!!