Thankful for…

It’s very seldom that we take the time to appreciate the things that make our lives easier at Spruce. In honor of Thanksgiving, we compiled a list of things we are thankful for.

1. The Sprucettes

2. Capital City Upholstery Supply daily delivery

3. Klinch-It



4. Hot glue gun

5. A big backyard at Spruce

Spruce Backyard

Spruce Backyard

6. Our TV/VCR/DVD Combo that we watch daily

7. Felicity 4-season set, which we also watch daily


8. Overhead foam storage

9. The Austin economy

10. Etsy

11. Roby Joyce, Khanh Nguyen, Keith Brown, and James Gainer (Lizzie and Amanda’s spouses and dads) and the rest of our families who put up with our long hours and are our biggest fans

12. Pixie and Gumbo, the shop dogs

13. Compressed air

14. Air conditioning, something we lived without for our first year of business.

15. North Lamar Boulevard

16. Beer:30

17. Long holiday weekends

18. All of our awesome customers