Sprucette Quiz!


You’ve read our blog, you’ve come into the shop, and maybe you have even taken a class with us…but how well do you really know the Sprucettes?  I have gathered a few questions to test your Sprucette knowledge.  Let’s play, shall we?

Which Sprucette/Sprucer really enjoys the vocal stylings of the raspy crooner, Michael Bolton?

[pe2-gallery] Michael-bolton-album-cover-onething.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

That would be Mrs. Amanda.  Now maybe it’s just me, but I was pretty shocked when I learned this.  I guess I just never imagined that his fan base reached the young, hip female market but according to Amanda’s Ipod… it does.


Which Sprucette/Sprucer showed sheep for 6 years in 4-H?


Me!  Yes, I was that cool.  It was a pretty sweet gig.  From 4th grade to my freshman year in high school I got to miss almost 2 weeks of school each year.  These are some of my best memories.  While most people fawn over their cats and dogs, I find myself to be more of a livestock girl.  I’ll take a sheep or a goat over a dog any day.


Which Sprucette/Sprucer has listened to the audio recording of The Hunger Games series AT LEAST 7 times?


Frank!  Yes…Frank.  I bet you didn’t see that one coming.  I may have been conservative when I say that he listened to it 7 times.  Frank is a big fan (I might go as far as to say obsessed) with The Hunger Games.  I believe each recording is about 8 hours or so and there are 3 books in the series so he has listened to approximately 168 hours of The Hunger games.  Amazing!


Which Sprucette/Sprucer broke their wrist in their sleep?

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That would be Meredith.  Our dear Meredith is what one might call an “active sleeper”.  It is not an uncommon event for Meredith to wake up with random bruises and  scratches from a midnight stroll around her bedroom.  The occurrences are usually more frequent in times of stress so if you would like to help “the cause” please send spa gift certificates to Spruce.


Which Sprucette/Sprucer used to be a cheerleader?

clar cheerleader.jpg

Clarissa Mapes!  This may not seem like a quiz worthy question but if you know Clar then  you too would experience the same shock at this discovery.  Clar is not someone that you would ever imagine doing cheerleader-y things.  Yes, she is flexible, can dance, and get a crowd excited but I always imagined “high school Clar” to be in the artsy kids group.  I pictured her as the kid who listened to weird music that no one had ever heard of, wore strange clothes that was not “on trend” and essentially marched to the beat of her own drum.  Well, she was that kid…AND a cheerleader.  Clarissa Mapes is no cliche’.

Well I hope you all feel a bit closer to us now.  If you want to know more, you are always welcome to pop over to the shop at 6611 N. Lamar to ask more personal questions.  Ha!  Have a great week everyone!