Spruce Upholstery Tips

Tips Spruce Upholstery

It’s been too long since we have shared our pearls of upholstery wisdom. I, myself, am still learning new things everyday. There are many times that I find myself saying, “There has got to be an easier way of doing this.” Upholstering can sometimes be challenging, so knowing little tips and tricks can make all the difference. I have a few up my sleeve this week that I will share with you.

chalk sharpening Spruce upholstery tips

Upholstery tips sharpening chalk Spruce upholstery

This may seem trivial, but sharpening your chalk can make quite a difference. A sharpened chalk will allow your cuts to be more precise. The difference between a blunt chalk and sharpened chalk is about a quarter of an inch, which may seem minor, but a quarter inch here and there will add up quickly. All you need is a pair of scissors. Simply cut away the chalk on opposite sides until you get a sharp edge. Easy as pie!

Spruce upholstery tips and tricks

release cut tips Spruce upholstery

Spruce upholstery tips release cuts

Release cuts can be very scary when you’re learning upholstery. A release cut allows you to pull the fabric past the posts on a piece of furniture. There are many variables that determine the proper release cut to make, so here’s a simple trick to make your life easier. Use a piece of scrap fabric, pretend it’s your “real” fabric, and make a practice cut.  This will give you some reassurance that you will make an accurate cut.

rocking chair upholstery tip

rocking chair tips Spruce Upholstery

It really isn’t much fun to upholster something that is constantly moving. I don’t appreciate the extra challenge. If you ever find yourself wrestling a rocking chair, I have the simple solution. All it takes is something (ex: scrap wood, a ruler, a book, etc.) to be wedged under the front and back of both sides of the rocker. Genius!

Oh, I just love tricks! I hope you’ve learned something that will make your upholstery ventures a little smoother. Stay tuned for more pearls.