Spruce Upholstery Tip: How to Protect Fabric When Using Ply Grip

Ply Grip (a.k.a. Pli-Grip, Flex Trim, and Curve Ease) is a nifty invention that helps create professional looking, clean, smooth edges for all your projects. It can be a little tricky when working with thinner fabric, as the metal of the Ply Grip will sometimes cut through delicate fabrics. Naturally, I have a quick solution for this problem.

tape on plygrip fold tape over plygripA strip of masking or painter’s tape serves as a great barrier between the fabric and the sharp edges of the Ply Grip. Be careful to leave the teeth free from tape so they’re able to do their job and grab the fabric.

release cuts

After the tape is applied, use scissors or a razor blade to slice the tape in between each segment of the Ply Grip so that it may bend and flex around curves.

plygrip tip 1 plygrip tip 2

Once you complete the above steps, continue Ply Gripping as you would normally.

plygrip tip 3

Now you’ll be able to Ply Grip without having any hesitation or worry about damaging your fabric. Add this tip to your upholstery tool box!