Spruce Upholstery Tip: Hanging Velvet

Tip time! At Spruce, we often cut out many or all of the fabric pieces for a project before we start upholstering, which helps us be efficient with our time. When working with fabrics that crease or scar when folded, such as velvet and leather, it’s handy to set up a spot where you can drape the fabric rather than folding it. This week, Frank made a simple fabric holder in about two minutes. Take a look!

Frank hanging pole

Using materials we have in the shop, Frank staples two ends of a strip of webbing together, making a loop to slip a pole through. You can use a metal pole, wooden dowel, or leftover tube from a bolt of fabric.

stitched webbing

It is helpful to run a stitch right above the pole to keep it from sliding out.

frank hanging fabric 1

frank tip

We also made our hanging station two-tiered for longer cuts of fabric. That’s all there is to it! Now we have a place to hang our cut pieces until we are ready to use them. Such an easy solution!