Spruce Upholstery Tip: Cutting Two Boards at Once

Time is valuable. So when I see an opportunity to save some, I take it. This week’s tip is not only a time saver, but it will also ensure more accurate results. Win, win! Lately we’ve had a demand for our custom diamond-tufted ottoman. After building a few, it occurred to me that there is a much more efficient way of pumping these out. It’s as simple as a few screws.

1Clamp boards together

The blueprint for our ottoman calls for two rings. Instead of cutting them with a jigsaw individually, I’ve discovered a better solution: secure two pieces of plywood together and kill two birds with one stone.

2 screw boards together

To secure the plywood for the ottoman together, I put a screw through the center piece, the traced ring, and the leftover plywood border beyond the ring. This keeps the two layers of plywood attached to each other, making cutting more manageable.

3 cut two boards at once

Once the boards have been securely fastened together, it is safe to begin cutting. In addition to saving time, this assures the two rings are exactly the same.

4 two rings

5 finish product

Our frame is ready for upholstery! This basic concept can be applied to all sorts of projects. Check out how this very simple frame was transformed into this super cool diamond-tufted ottoman.