Spruce Upholstery Tip: Create Your Own Welt Cord Stick

Sometimes we work on projects that require miles of welt cord. Making a welt cord stick can help you quickly draw your welt cord on fabric. Let me show you how!

measure 1.5 inches

We use Masonite to make our welt cord sticks because it is durable, light, and doesn’t splinter. You can easily find Masonite at your local hardware store. The welt cord stick should measure 1.5″ wide. The length can vary, but I recommend using the full width of a 48″-wide Masonite board.

weltcord half inch tailIf you are wondering why 1.5″ is the width of the welt cord stick, it’s because once the fabric is wrapped around the welt cord, you are left with a 1/2″ tail. This is handy for sewing the welt cord on cushions or pillows since 1/2″ is the standard seam allowance. Lining up the edge of the tail to the edge of the fabric it’s sewn to makes it easy to keep a consistent seam allowance.

create your own weltcord stick with masoniteUse a table saw or a jigsaw to cut on the drawn line.

trace weltcord stripsWith your perfectly-sized welt cord stick, you can quickly trace both sides of the stick to draw out your pieces of welt cord instead of measuring lines 1.5″ apart.


trace double welt cordThis welt cord stick can also be used to draw double welt cord. As you might expect, double welt cord calls for a 3″ width. This is achieved by flipping over the stick once, which will double the width.

Do yourself a favor and make one of these pronto. You will feel like a welt cord pro. Do you have any upholstery tips? Share your secrets in our comment section!