Spruce Party This Week!

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We are so excited about our PARTAY this week! We hope you have blocked off your calendar for Friday evening, the 15th, from 6pm to 10pm. We are going to have food, drinks, and exciting things to show you including the new website, our new Spruce-mobile, and the pilot episode of Spruce TV!

Feel free to park here at the shop, next door, and across the street in the parking lot. We do need to be respectful of any business that is open in the evening and not park in front of their place.

Speaking of the new website, as of yesterday IT IS LIVE!!! We had a toast here at Spruce during beer thirty in honor of all the hard work that has gone into getting it looking amazing! Thanks to Creative Suitcase for all their hard work in putting this incredible site togther. Please go and check it out, it is top notch. My favorite is how the fabric changes with the front photo AND you can click on the sample to be sent to the fabric manufcacturer’s sample on their site. Amazing!

We hope to see you all on Friday, we are ready to celebrate our third birthday!