Spruce Night: At Long Last…!

Greetings all! Summer has kicked into full gear and we have been busy! Thank you all so much for your support. We finally took a break from the shop to get together for a much-needed Spruce evening this Tuesday last. It has been some time since we all collected to indulge in great food and drink, relax on a porch and ‘shoot the shoot’! We made it over to Amanda’s house that she shares with husband Keith (thanks ya’ll!) and we even made use of  their pool. Here’s some shots of us with our hair down and feet up…


The crew preparing the meal. Meredith, Keith, his nephew Drew, and Amanda (left to right.)


Entree: Sliders with bacon, avocado, marinated greens, pickled vinegar onions, goat cheese mayo, etc. Delectable!


Cucumber, tomato, and goat cheese salad. Gaaah! So good.


Katherine made grilled peaches and home-made pound cake with candied walnuts, then topped it off with vanilla ice cream. I could not bend over by the end of the meal. I hurt myself and it was worth it.


Frenzied feeding. I forgot my manners.

After dining (gorging), we had utter disregard for the 30-minute wait-to-swim-and-digest rule and got in the pool straight away. It was a perfect dip. Temperature was ideal. Excellent end to our sweaty Texas work day.


Meredith and Amanda at the swimming hole. It is an idyllic back yard - pictures do not convey the good feeling.


The dogs Levar and Pixie were concerned about chlorine filtration. Problems were solved that night, thanks to them.


Drew's wicked awesome flying card trick. It hovered and levetated - I saw it! How does he do it?



Amanda and Meredith. Noshin' posh!

I just realized what a family slide show this was turning out to be. Mr. Barnhouse and crew couldn’t make the event, and Katherine must have been behind the camera the whole time. Boo! I miss their faces!


Keith workin' it. Me eating it. Little do I know in this moment that I would come to be in an intense food-related stupor later.

Folks – we wish you a merry summer and hope you are doing your best to enjoy the long nights and refreshing water and wines of the summer season. You are always welcome to come visit us at the shop. We’d love to see you and help you with your projects! Cheers to endless summer!