Shopping Tip: How to Find a Quality Piece of Furniture

We have often been asked, “How can you tell if something is worth redoing?” So I thought I’d give you a few tips to help you while you’re out looking for your next treasure.

Tip #1: Pick it up.
The heavier a piece of furniture is, the more likely it’s made of hard woods and quality materials than if it is super light. Generally, heavier also means stronger and more durable.

Tip #2: Sit in it.
If it feels stout and solid, that’s a good sign. If the joints flex and don’t feel tight, you may be looking at additional structural repair. Also, is it comfortable? If you’re going to be sitting in it often, make sure the proportions are right for you. Padding can be replaced during the upholstery process, so don’t stress over flattened out cushions or rips in the fabric.

Tip #3: Look underneath it.
A good indication of quality furniture is if it has coil springs. Coil springs add more support to seating and take a considerable amount of time to hand tie, so if a piece of furniture has them, it is likely care was taken to ensure a well-crafted piece of furniture. On the underside of the chair, sofa, etc., there should be a dustcover (generally black). If the seat is sprung, it will feel solid and you may see webbing woven like a basket. If it feels like there is nothing on the bottom plane of the furniture besides the dustcover, it may be without coils.

Tip #4: Is it unique?
Are there special details or unique materials used in the construction? When I see a piece of furniture with extreme lines, strange material combos, or ornate wooden carvings, I fall in love. Find pieces that you haven’t seen before. If there’s something special about it that grabs your attention, you’re less likely to lose that loving feeling.