Recent Before and Afters! (Go Big AND Go Home!)

Hey hey hey!  Loading your eyeballs now with some recent ‘before-and-afters’ of awesome proportions. We’re endlessly impressed and sometimes surprised, frankly, about some of our clients’ bold decisions and adventurous design attitudes. Take a look at some of these babies – get inspired!

Paup Sofa Before.JPG its time, a really cool fabric! Just past its prime.

Paup Sofa After.JPG

And REVEAL! Amazing transformation with an in-your-face twist on the original. Face lift!

The client chose a lovely cut velvet on neutral woven ground, a very traditional motif with a huge twist in big, bold, undulating lava lamp-like curves. The fabric is made by Vervain; pattern is Gitana (gypsy!). Notice that we changed the cushion configuration from 3-seat to 1-seat to provide an un-interrupted view of the fabric (and it saves fabric too!).

Vervain's "Gitana"; comes in 4 colorways!

Nextly, we have another “not” turned HOT! Check these out already!

Arthur Cube Chairs Before 2.JPG

Duds, yucksville; do these even have potential???

Arthur Cube Chairs After 2.jpg

YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Of course they are the same chairs!!!

Wow. This is a transformation via one very talented designer/client of Spruce. She had the frames refinished and chose an electric cut velvet from Designers’ Guild. Get over it! This is from their collaboration with Christian Lacroix; pattern is Paseo Doble in color Sevres.

In the same design scheme, different room, are two chairs that we all secretly wanted to steal. Golly they’re good.

Arthur Chrome Chairs Before.JPG

Before...good bones. Cool frames.

Arthur Chrome Chairs After.jpg

Tah-Dah! Extra special now!

Our designer chose a purple cut velvet (I’m sensing a theme here….) Cosimo Grape from Clarke and Clarke.

What’s next? What’s next? As I often say, some things are not for everybody, but it can be and will be and may be AWESOME in a certain interior. This sleeper sofa came to us in pretty dire shape. It is ‘vintage’; also read: ‘heaviest piece of furniture I ever tried to lift up and could not’. Just look.


Before...someone had a vision of something better to come.


After...Yippy! Voted "Most Fun Sofa Ever".

It may not be your taste, but just go there with us. I have never been more tickled by the appearance of a sofa, and what’s more – to conjure up the fun interior that this will live in. Visualize and imagine your delight spending the night at your friends house as you sleep on this little treasure! I love it!!! The fabrics are from Clarke & Clarke, patterns Rosalind in Citrus (stripe) and Celeste in Citrus (floral).

Lastly, we have a pair of  chairs – Oh if these chairs could talk. We think they’re from the ’30s, very unique lines and bizarro construction. (You out there – if you know these chairs – we would love to have more info on them. We found French children’s adverts from the 70s inside. Curious.) The before truly inspired the after with a cool flourish.



After...same, but different!

I think this was a stroke of brilliance on the clients’ part. The before was awesome; just needed new bones, padding, and cleaning. But what they added was so much interest for so little. This is a great option for a pair of chairs that are to be seen and float in the middle of a space. Don’t forget to treat the back if you see it! Fabrics are Clarke and Clarke Palio in Olive, and Duralee Aster Velvet in color 561.


I have to do one more!

Owens Chair Before.JPG

Before...worn in all around red leather - front to back.


After...distressed in front, party in the back!!!


The client chose to keep the distressed worn leather on the inside back, arms, and seat. We also replaced the buttons that were damaged with salvaged red leather from the back and outside arms. In place is the universally loved Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon in Alabaster. This was a cost-effective fix, as well as enabling to keep the sentiment and character of the piece. Cool idea!!!

Well folks – that’s been another installment of Before and After. We hope you are inspired in a bold or subtle way to make your interior and furniture dreams your own. We can help!! Until next time!