Quick Tips for Perfectly Plump Pillows!

One of the most frequently asked questions at Spruce is, “How do I get that wonderfully plush look in pillows that designers love?” It’s easier than you think. Half the battle is getting the proper measurements for your insert, and I can tell you just how!


Benton displays one of our inserts – a lofty down-alternative-filled pillow form.

First, you need to measure the pillow cover. Remember to remove the pillow insert before measuring. For a pillow with rounded corners, start from the middle of one side and measure directly across to the other side. Do the same for the other direction, and that is the size of your pillow. Pillows with square corners can be measured from corner to corner.

Now you’re ready to fill it with that perfect insert. Knowing how much a pillow insert is going to fill out a cover can be tricky, but the general rule of thumb is to take the measurements for your pillow cover and add one to two inches to the height and width. You’ll need that little bit extra to properly fill out your corners, or else you’ll come away with a pillow that’s either too flat or a little saggy. When you’re stuffing your pillow, be sure to grab the corners of the insert and reach inside to pull them into position. With your hands still inside, and with the insert in the position you want, give it a couple of vigorous fluffs to get the stuffing as evenly distributed throughout as possible. The hard part is over, so squeeze that pillow between your knees and zip it up.


Fluff out those corners from the inside!

Congratulations, you have just perfectly stuffed a pillow. Give it a chop and display away!