Play Match That Sprucette!

We would like to challenge you all to a little game of “Match that Sprucette.” Below you will find six different categories of our things for you to try to guess which item goes with which one of the Sprucettes.

Just to make it interesting, the person to send in the most correct answers first will win a large Voluspa candle! Please send your answers to

The five fabulous Sprucettes are shown below.  Good Luck!!!

The Sprucettes

The Sprucettes: (left to right) Tessa, Keegan, Lizzie, Amanda and Meredith

1. Aprons:

2. Shoes:

3. Jackets:

4. Phones:

5. Watches:

6. Cars:

**Bonus Round!***
Who does each one of these charming hoodies belong to?

(the bonus round can score you extra points, but will not count against you.)