“Oh, what’s in a name?”

The Sprucettes

So one of my favorite pastimes is to go to the book store. Now I know I have already let you in on my love for Jane Austen. However, it’s an overall love for books that finds me continually drawn back into a place filled with rows and rows of these treasures. I was just telling someone this morning how I think my favorite place to go is a bookstore. Clothes and even furniture can’t compare to the excitement I have when I enter a book store. So, as I walk through the bookstore, I browse the baby names section. Now, I in no way am looking for a baby name, but it did interest me to be reminded of what my name actually means. Not often do I wonder about this, but I was intrigued by the idea of seeing how well someone’s name meaning fits that person. So, here is what I found for us Spruce gals.


Meredith: It comes from the Welsh Maredudd, meaning “great lord.” It was more commonly a male name prior to the 20th century, but the gender of the name switched, and female usage has been the more popular of late.

I always thought I was the guardian of the Sea, way off. But I would say I took a bit of a step up from guardian to lord. Booyah! Oh, and it’s a boy’s name, great…


Amanda: It is a Latin gerundive name meaning “to be loved.”

I am secretly jealous of this one. Even if you aren’t feeling too terribly loved one day, you can count on it to come back. It has to, it’s right there in your name!


Lizzie: Elizabeth is the Greek translation of the Hebrew name Elishiva, meaning “my God is an oath,” “God’s promise,” “oath of God,” or “I am God´s daughter.”

I find this very special to be able to claim your identity in someone so great and powerful! Nobody else’s Dad can really beat that!

Keegan's Book Jacket

Keegan: It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is descendant of the Fiery One.

Keegan to me has such great spirit that descending from the fiery one seems fitting for the special spark that she has. Truly one of kind,  and I mean that in only the best sense!


Tessa: Tessa is a English girl’s name meaning “Harvester.”

Tessa, you were apparently meant for the country. Pack you bags and hand in your city girl badge. I think this seems fitting when I think of how Tessa genuinely cares for people. I really do think she wants the very best to be fostered in others!

So there you have it. These meanings can be useless, but seems to me to be a fun addition to our own identity. The Sprucettes’ names  all originated in different countries, but it all seems to work well together here. I think the hours we are happy to spend together is proof of that!


“The Great Lord”