Nuggets of the Week: Spruce’s Before and Afters!

With the New Year comes new work from Spruce! We recently went to what is considered “the heart of Texas” to find buried treasure, literally! Amanda and I drove Chair-iot  to Brady, Texas to meet with a friend that owns a former mental institution FULL of furniture. If you remember back in 2009 we took our first adventure to Bradyland, and we apparently couldn’t get enough. So, we put on our boots and bandannas (gotta protect the feet and lungs in abandoned buildings for sure) on and looked through over one hundred rooms of toys, furniture, wood, and tons more! We walked away with some great finds, that have been revived to the fullest of their hidden potential. Below are some of those pieces. Give’em a look!

We’ve also redone a sofa that didn’t come from Brady but certainly needed as much work. We painted the frame in a classic black semi-gloss paint and partnered it with one of our favorite fabrics (I know you know!). F. Schumacher has added a new toffee colorway for the Chiang Mai Dragon print. The oranges, greens, and blues jump out at you from the base cloth that we love! The sides of the sofa “wing” out creating so much more interest for this piece. Also, for those who need a little more neutral in their life (not us!) you can flip the cushions to a solid brown sofa.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the how all this work turned out! Come into the shop and take a look for yourself.

Also of note, the wonderful Amy Gabriel of Austin Tidbits has interviewed us for The Inside Source, Ebay’s digital style magazine that talks with people in all fields about hot trends and how to use Ebay for them. The article will be posted Monday, so check out the site to see tips from the Sprucettes!