Nuggets of the Week: My “Spruced” Chair, In the News, and Movie Day!

This week has flown by at Spruce, and lots of fun things happening!

First, I sit in a nifty desk chair that has a GREAT shape and some awesome rollers. Amanda and Lizzie picked it up at the UT Surplus a couple of years ago. It has been begging for a redo and just had not made it on the schedule. Well, Amanda turned into Santa Claus a few weeks ago and told me I could choose any fabric to put on my desk chair. So I spent a week combing the shelves, and finally settled on a Robert Allen fabric. It is a cut velvet geometric in a beautiful jewel-tone (which you know I love).  Keegan was the creator of my new chair, and boy did she do a great job! I felt like a kid on a road trip saying, “Is it done yet?! Is it done yet?!” A week later, Keegan rolled my little beauty out to the front, and I couldn’t have been more impressed. I think it turned out great, and now I get to sit in an amazingly “Spruced” desk chair. Check out the before and afters below.

Also, Wednesday was a bit of a monsoon up here on Lamar. When we were eating lunch together it looked as though we might float away! Amanda got a wild hair and decided that we should have a movie day and work on projects that could be completed inside the studio. I think Lizzie, Keegan, and I about fell over in excitement! So Team Blonde worked on painting our display wall (chalkboard paint!), Amanda worked on a new project (to be revealed later!), and I kept plugging away with my to do list. We had a great time watching the new Alice in Wonderland and Amanda’s favorite, You’ve Got Mail. Nothing beats staying in on a rainy day, and it was a special treat for the Sprucettes!

Last, but certainly NOT LEAST, Spruce was featured in the Statesman on Thursday! We had an article on the front page of the Life & Style Section. Our studio was packed and phone ringing off the hook with new Spruce lovers! We think Kristi Kingston did a great job, and are so grateful to have been included. Check it out here if you weren’t able to catch the article.

Amanda with her Statesman article!

Have a great weekend!