Nugget of the Week

So, lately we have been cracking up about how many funny little things happen here ALL THE TIME. I often see Amanda brought to tears over some ridiculous incident that has happened that week. I use the word “nugget” to describe these little hilarities. For me, a nugget refers to a tiny morsel of perfection. Some small quirky or hilarious thing that cannot go unnoticed. For example, everyone at Spruce has a few nuggets of greatness about them. Here are some of the ones that we love:

Lizzie – She is basically a professional bowler on the side. Her husband’s bowling ball is even named the “Dizzie Miss Lizzie”.

Amanda– Totally beyond-a-point-of-reason OBSESSED with Christmas. Like the kind of girl who listens to Christmas music all year round.

Keegan– She LOVES to play pool, loves it so much that she will play in tournaments if she can find one (which must mean she’s pretty darn good). She needs a wicked nick -name like the Black Widow has. Tell us what you come up with :)

Meredith-I sorta have a little flower biz on the side. I arrange them for friends and other people’s events occasionally. No floral nick-name for me but my favorite flower right now is a Ranunculus, the name is unbeatable.

The Nugget for this week is an unusual find. Periodically throughout the week, I make sure that the outside area of our studio is squeaky clean. Well, one day this week I was in the back and found an interesting treat. I found a pool ball! A blue #2 solid pool ball to be specific. There were some pretty good belly laughs among the Sprucettes at my unusual find. We have had a great time thinking of how and why this pool ball could have come into our yard.

Was it a strike so hard that it flew out of the bar and into our yard?

Is it a sign that we are going to make a cold $2 million in our new home-ware addition Spruce is coming out with soon? (oh the suspense!)

Is it a love note from a neighbor saying they are 2 blue without me?

Let us know if you think of any good stories, we have thoroughly enjoyed letting our imaginations run with this. As a true archeologist would do for a “find”, I have documented my discovery with some photographs. I plan to turn it into some sort of trophy. But until then, it lives in our Beer Money cup. :)