Nugget of the Week: Sources of Inspiration from the Sprucettes

One of my favorite things about working at Spruce is having the opportunity to work with people who bring a different set of skills, interests and creative ideas to the table. Each of us Sprucettes frequently informs each other about our favorite designers, artists and makers, food, boutiques and blogs we’re obsessing over. Together, we share a wealth of knowledge – and in this roundup, we share several of our top-three favorite sources of inspiration that get our juices flowing.


color collective1) Color Collective. It’s no big shock that color is a driving force behind Spruce, and it’s equally important when I’m making choices for my own home, wardrobe, nail polish color, etc., etc. Fresh color combos are hard to come by but not if you frequent this blog – so simple with so much impact. Anytime I need to rev my design engine, I come here.


2) The Sartorialist. Buy the books or visit the blog. Either way, you’re destined to be more fashionable with each turn of the page or scroll of the mouse. Scott Schuman finds his inspiration on the runway and city streets, in young and old, men and women, which makes his photos an ultra rich compilation of fashionable folks.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.37.47 PM

3) Best Friends For Frosting. If I’m being honest, I spend a teeny tiny amount of time reading blogs, BUT the few times I’ve crossed this one’s path, I’ve been hit with a plethora of noteworthy postings. Now that I’ve refreshed my memory of its existence, I’ll be dedicating at least one late night feeding to surfing its archives.

Honorable Mentions
The Art of Gluten-Free Baking. I’ve been off the G for nearly a year, and Jeanne Sauvage’s gluten-free flour mix has saved all of my favorite wheat recipes from the trash! There’s I’ve made from her website that wasn’t absolutely delicious!

KellyMom. Since January 11, I’ve stumbled across a lot of uncharted territory. This website is the ultimate resource for new and experienced moms with practical questions about parenting and breastfeeding.


nest covers

Old Nest magazine covers from a post entitled “I miss Nest Magazine.” via

1) I find constant inspiration in my old issues of Nest magazine. Although the quarterly publication is no longer in print, its pages, layout, and relentless and necessary element of surprise endures! I’ve never seen such bonkers interiors or such abstract (and sometimes absurd) interior design theory outside of Nest’s pages. Thanks forever, Nest! 

A screen grab from the tumblr blog inside.

A screen grab from tumblr inside.

2) I love the tumblr inside! It is all about bohemian, alternative, natural interiors with an emphasis on plant life and new age-y ideas for living. I also love its sibling tumblr, outside, that does the same for exteriors!

Inspiration board, courtesy of

Inspiration board, courtesy of

 3) Over the years, I’ve been checking in with KEEHNANKONYHA.COM. He’s a designer and writer based in New York. He formerly had another blog project called 2THEWALLS, which showcased pictures of interiors, art and design coupled with theory, stories, critical essays, etc. with the goal to make readers think differently about interior experience. He has contributed to Apartamento, DIS Magazine, among other noted publications. Always thought-provoking, always cool. He now has a line of bedding and interior fabrics called SafeHouseUSA, which is rad!



1) Pinterest can be overwhelming, so I like to leave the curating to others. Emily Henderson is an especially great pinner. Visiting her boards will just put me in an instant good mood. Her DIY Board, in particular, is amazing.  She collects the best pins.

pillow material

2) Scrolling through Etsy at night is my version of counting sheep; although, this method tends to be a little more costly. I recently stumbled across a lovely little shop called MissMatatabi. It’s filled with sweet fabrics from Japan. The fabrics are colorful, modern and high quality. I have been on a pillow kick lately, so I foresee a MissMatatabi order in my future. Here are some of my favorite prints (above, clockwise from top left):  IbukiFreedom Garden double gauze – A – FrancePocho double gauze – Bpurple and pink on natural.

 cool spaces

3) What happens when you combine Etsy and Pinterest? An inspiration super power! Etsy has 98 boards on Pinterest! Many of their boards are geared towards gift ideas for the various types of people in your life as well as guest pinners, such as Camille Styles and Mallory McInnis. My favorite boards by Etsy are Cool Spaces and Vintage Treasures on Etsy.


Image of Frankie magazine layout via

Image of Frankie Magazine layout via

1) I absolutely adore Frankie Magazine, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Austin’s independent bookstore, BookPeople, carries it. The Australian women’s publication is jam-packed with fun, pithy reads about designers, musicians and artists from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States. Some of the articles are tongue-and-cheek and include tips, ranging from how to work at home to how to yodel. There are always great DIY tutorials; the latest issue has one on making piñatas! This truly is a publication suited to global DIY ladies who are youthful at heart.


2) I’m a Johnny-come-lately to Nowness, which curates some amazing interactive storytelling produced by some of the coolest influencers from around the world that have their fingers on the pulse of contemporary culture.  Last year, a friend turned me onto Nowness when he shared this video with me, essentially a visual essay of one of Japan’s famous artists, Yayoi Kusama, in her studio.


Screen grab of the cyeyalr via

3) I love looking at photos of lived-in homes, especially those that are decorated with personal things that you normally wouldn’t find in a styled interior design magazine. The tumblr cyeyalr is dedicated to photos of interiors that are filled with light, plants and a touch of whimsical or vintage decor — right up my alley!


secret gardens

1) Peggy Norfleet on Pinterest is amazing. She’s a interior designer and a real estate agent in Fort Lauderdale and has dozens of categories with amazing design-related pictures. My favorites are her Interiors and Secret Garden (above) pins.

my ideal home

2) The tumblr My Ideal Home is devoted to clean interiors and a love of Scandinavian design. It provides countless ideas for interiors and home renovation, and the options featured can be replicated for a reasonable price. There are lots of rustic and bare spaces to cleanse your mind.


Screen grab from L’assasymphonie via

3) L’assasymphonie. This is a tumblr completely devoted to the over-the-top design aesthetic of 18th Century French Rococo. While it can be very overwhelming, it’s fun to look through to find elements you can plug into your own projects. Whether it’s a color scheme or a floral filigree, I always leave with good ideas.

We’d love to hear about the websites, social media accounts or magazines with which you’re enamored. Let us know what they are in our comments section!