Nugget of the Week: New Sprucette Katherine!

The new additions at Spruce just keep comin’! We have added another new Sprucette to the ranks. Her name is Katherine Baronet, and she is our furniture stripper. Funny title, but oh so necessary for Spruce! She gets down and dirty with all the furniture we have to be worked on and makes sure every last spring and staple are outta there. From personal experience, I know this is HARD work, and Katherine is already dominating it. Here are a few things about our newest Sprucette!

Full Name: Katherine Gail Baronet

Birthday: June 4th

From: The great metropolis that is Crowley, Louisiana

Siblings: 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother

Pets: I had a fish…but I think he froze to death while I was away for the holidays… no…no pets.

Hobbies: Photography, I dabble in knitting, I also make it my job to know all professional and personal information about celebrities. It’s quite sad actually.

Activities you like to do: Tennis, Baking, Spending as much time with my 9 nieces and nephews as possible, traveling anywhere that my bank account will take me.

Favorite TV Show: This is tough because I watch an unhealthy amount of television…but if I had to say, it would be Arrested Development, Strangers with Candy, Summer Heights High, and everything on Showtime.

Favorite Band/Artist: Ugh…also hard. White Stripes, Metric, Florence and the Machine, most music from the 60’s, etc., etc.

Favorite Movie: Beetle Juice and all home videos of me.

Personal Design Style: I can appreciate most design aesthetics, but for my own personal style, I like an eclectic mix of retro and classic with lots of bold pattern and a dash of earthy-ness.

Favorite Place: My bed.

Favorite Color: Green Green Green!

Sweet tooth or Salty girl? SWEET!…but I’m also a sucker for cheeses of all varieties.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday morning: In bed catching up on my endless television schedule.

Favorite Spruce piece of furniture: Well I LOVE the giant lamp shade over Meredith’s desk, but furniture wise, I’d say the Judy Jetson Chair…it’s a classic. Also I’m digging the Flying Saucer Ottoman. Every time I pass it, I just want to sit on it and spin.

Hidden Talent: I make a beautiful chocolate meringue pie and I have been told that I can cut a pineapple quite quickly and efficiently.

We are pumped to have you as a Sprucette, Katherine. Keep being awesome!!