Nugget of the Week: Keegan

Our nugget of the week is not something that happened, but SOMEONE that happened to us. It’s the girly Ms. Gourlie. This week was Keegan’s one year anniversary here at Spruce! Keegan was the first apprentice that Spruce decided to take on as the business grew. Amanda and Lizzie knew that when someone came on board they would have to be passionate, spunky, and willing to learn. Lucky for us Keegan is all of those things and more! If you don’t know Keegan is also a talented artist, and you will catch her doodling a crazy little creature in the corner of her notes. It seems that working with her hands just made sense. Keegan has grown so much as a craftswoman here, and we are lucky to have her as a Sprucette. Here are a few nuggets about our gal Keegan:

1. She is from Minnesota. Brrrrr!

2. She is a ballerina. I have seen the moves to prove it!

3. Her story-telling ability is genius.

4. She loves Buffy 🙂

5. She used to wear JNCO’s in high school.

We LOVE Keegan!  Happy anniversary!  We hope there are many more to come.

It is exciting to see how she has added so much life to our little family, and