Nugget of the Week: Johnny and Dolly!

Last week we alluded to a new project Amanda was working on during our rainy movie day. Now that the project is well underway, we can let you in on it! Ever since we started making the Willie Pillows, we have tossed around ideas for our future profile pillows. Willie is hard to beat, especially in Austin. Well, after much discussion amongst the Sprucettes, we have finally landed on some new characters to add to our shop. We have now added (drum roll)……. Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton to the collection! These two just seemed perfect to immortalize in pillow form. Ha! We are HUGE Dolly fans here. Her spunk and refusal to be anybody except herself is beyond admirable. Not to mention, her monologue about “Changing a rooster to a hen in one shot” in 9 to 5 is pretty amazing! And Johnny, c’mon. No one can top that furrowed brow and tortured-soul demeanor. Here are a few photos of Amanda putting together our inaugural Dolly and Johnny.

Check out our Etsy shop for the new listings of Dolly and Johnny, and have a great weekend!