Nugget of the Week: Dinner, Cupcakes, and Pimm’s Cups!

The lovely Keegan hosted a Sprucette dinner at her house Tuesday evening!  We pooled our resources and had delicious chicken tacos for dinner, dessert from Hey Cupcake (BTW, the new Sweetberry flavor is total yums!), and Pimm’s Cups throughout the evening.  Should you want a refreshing, great-for-billion-degree-heat drink, the Pimm’s Cup could be for you!

Here’s how we made it, which was quite good, I must say.

In a lowball glass filled with ice, pour in a shot of Pimm’s, fill the rest with Sprite, and garnish with cucumber, orange,a twist of lemon and mint.  Easy breezy.

I failed to mention on dinner night, that the Pimm’s Cup is the signature drink of my all-time favorite restaurant in New Orleans, The Napoleon House.  There’s something about the opera music playing, the charming decay of the paint peeling off the walls, and the tangy smell of olive salad that takes me through time and makes me really happy.

Here’s the story of the Napoleon House, taken from their website:

The building’s first occupant, Nicholas Girod, was mayor of New Orleans from 1812 to 1815.  He offered his residence to Napoleon in 1821 as a refuge during his exile.

Napoleon never made it, but the name stuck, and since then, the Napoleon House has become one of the most famous bars in America, a haunt for artists and writers throughout most of  the 20th century.

Owned and operated by the Impastato family since 1914, it’s a place that suspends you in time, where you can hear Beethoven’s Eroiqua, which he composed for Napoleon, and the music of other classical masters, while sipping a Pimm’s Cup, and basking in an ambiance that could only be New Orleans.

Cheers!  Have a great weekend and don’t forget Dad on Sunday!