New Retail at Spruce!

Greetings, and Happy Summer Solstice to all! Yesterday will have been the longest day of the year and the official beginning of summer. Fittingly, the etymology of ‘solstice’ in its latin origin is sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still).  For eons many cultures have celebrated this marker for the fertile season with feast, fast, celebration, ritual, ceremony, and festival. In honor of summer, we at Spruce will shine a bright still beam of sunlight on our newest gifts to the upholstery gods and our offerings to appease you, dear readers. I’m talking about  some NEW RETAIL!!! BEHOLD!!!

Witness the majesty of this piece, the Vertical Horizon Sofa! A mid-century couch upholstered with a fresh, watery aqua and soggy green found only in the richest of water bodies and submerged vines. Fabric is Robert Allen‘s “Nanni” in color Pool.




We appreciate its mid-century tidiness, lovely length, and sweetest fabric. The inside back of the sofa is treated with biscuit-button tufting. Three cushions grace the seat for optimal lounging. Come and get it!

Next, we lay at your feet a precious folding screen. This is one of the products of our fearless leader Amanda’s submissions to her continuing Upholstery Basics contribution at Design*Sponge. Fabric is Robert Allen‘s “Color Field ” in Leaf.



The reverse side of the triple-panel screen is fully functional as a cork message board and lovingly trimmed with a nail-head border. In person, you can enjoy Amanda’s attention to the pattern, as she has quilted certain zig-zags of the print to create exciting dimension. This Flip Side Room Divider will certainly allow you business and pleasure in any space you choose. Consider the possibilities!

The following piece is praise-worthy: a fully diamond-tufted wingback chair covered in a spotted Kelly Wearstler print. Glory be! Marvel at the Confetti Chairs’s sinuous lines and crisp pleats. Revel in the superior craftsmanship!


IMG_9769 (600x900).jpg


This chair sits nice and cozy with ample room in the seat and comfy pitch to the back. Add a citrus hued pillow for summer and meditate on its perfection. The pattern evokes my fondest memories of a romantic 4th of July firework display. Oooh and Ahhh! Summer is the best.

Lastly, we present a pair of Indian Princess Lamps. Shiny black ceramic bases are topped with shades adorned in an animated Leah Duncan print.



Vintage goods and Austin artisan design synergize here. Put them bedside, sofa-side, or any side for an original lighting experience. All will be illuminated!

Hey gang – take a short break from your sun worship and come by the shop. We have recently re-vamped our fabric library, Meredith will be filling you in on the transformation later. Don’t forget to take advantage of our summer sale, too (details here.) Spruce will be your conduit for ultimate design realizations. Please the design deities! Cheerful summer to you – we hope to see you soon!