New Retail at Spruce!

Hi! Clar here, keeping you abreast of all our goings-on. We’ve been working on some new projects here at the shop, doing a bit of shuffling, rearranging, general “Sprucing” like we do! It seems that you have been hungry for Spruce fare, so as we’ve sold a chunk of our goods lately, we must create more to feed you, the tasteful masses!

Take a gander at the current showroom rearrangement. A fresh layout makes everything feel new again, don’t you agree?

shop rearrangement summer 2013

Lately we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite local retailers, Mercury Design Studio, to reupholster a set of unique dining chairs. You will love them!


Mercury chairs after blog2


Mercury chairs after group blog

Up for grabs is a set of four side chairs and two captain’s chairs. Fabric used is Kravet’s Delacroix in color 517…truly a magnificent textile. You can purchase the set on our website’s Shop section. See our listing for the Delacroix Chairs here, or view them downtown at Mercury. They are beauty personified in the chair form!

In other news, we’ve had a long relationship with a cool Austin-based wood furniture maker and salvage renegade who’s delivered some new pieces to the shop. If you’ve visited Spruce, you may already be familiar with his products. The pieces are famous for pairing a great chunk of wood with clever metal structures or salvaged pieces. Otherwise they’re master studies in aging, curing, and finishing monolithic sections of timber. If you can work one of these pieces in to your interior, they would satisfy for generations – they’re always substantial. Take a peek at a couple of the pieces here. Better yet, come see them in person!

We have some excellent new throw pillows for sale, too!

pillows dguild blog

 Birds and the Bees Pillows

pillows avant garde blog

Pollock Pillows


Fabrics used are (above) Designers Guild Boqueria in Granite, and (below) Avant Garde’s Albatros in color 022.

Come on in and scoop ’em up!