Meet the Newbies!

Howdy Austin! The new Sprucer and Sprucette are here, coming to you live from the workshop! We’d like to share some tidbits about ourselves…here you go!


What’s your name?

Erick Alan Rappaport

Clarissa Irene Mapes

What’s your sign?

EAR: Cancer

CIM: Pisces

Have any Pets?

EAR: Daisy the rescued pit bull. She lives with my parents.

CIM: Levar Burton the puggle – he’s so pretty!

Where’s your hometown?

EAR: Coppell, TX

CIM: Dallas, TX

What’s your favorite place?

EAR: Mountains in the morning!

CIM: White sandy beaches, the pool, the river, bodies of water.

What’s your favorite dessert?

EAR: Pinkberry Original with Blueberries, Strawberries, Coconut, and Carob Chips… Mmmm.

CIM: It’s gotta be key lime pie.

What is your favorite movie?

EAR: Pulp Fiction

CIM: Blade Runner

Favorite Color?

EAR: Blue-green.

CIM: Shut up! Me too! Or maybe peacock blue. Or mauve. Blue based stuff for sure.

Favorite way to spend Saturday morning?

EAR: Drinking coffee and eating Migas…and maybe a Bloody Mary or two.

CIM: Coffeeeeee. “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, and “This American Life”. Being lazy with doggy and brunch with my  boyfriend.

What’s your favorite fabric?

EAR: 1,000 count Egyptian Cotton. Stop it!

CIM: Tough linens, cottons, and canvas. Maharam in general.

What’s your favorite Spruce item?


CIM: I have 2! The Geo-Weave Chrome chair, and the Laser-Lite Lucite chair. Double rainbow!

We’re inspired by the Sprucette’s  post that features 10 favorite things at home. Once we settle, we’d love to have round two and share more about our personal taste and style. To be continued…!