Meet Our New Sprucette, Elizabeth!

We’re overdue in introducing our new Sprucette, Elizabeth Najdecki! Welcome Elizabeth!!!

Elizabeth comes to us with loads of experience and knowledge under her belt. She hails from many places and is worldly-wise. Born in Chicago, she’s lived  in Oklahoma, Connecticut, Michigan, England, Georgia, Dallas and is now residing in sunny Austin. She has enjoyed marvelous tutelage at Dallas’s Southern Methodist University (SMU) and the incredible Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where she focused her studies on textiles and applied studio art. She’s cut her teeth in the design industry since graduating, working for Dallas area designers, retailers, and a hefty dose of doing-it-herself.

Enjoy my Q&A with Elizabeth below!

Clar Mapes: You’re an arty type. Who’s your favorite artist?

Elizabeth Najdecki: I am mesmerized by Claire Zeisler!!! I can always find something new to marvel at in her work.

Totem III by Claire Zeisler, via

Totem III by Claire Zeisler, via

CM: Dang! Me too! Love her work! (Also Diane Itter, Sheila Hicks – greats!) Here, here! Can you show us some of your work?

EN: Sure! Elizabeth Najdecki original artwork

Elizabeth Najdecki original sculpture

Najdecki product

CM: You can see the Zeisler influence in the sculpture for sure! Nice study! Coolest pillows — those are killer!

What’s your favorite vacation?

EN: I can never say ‘no’ to a tropical getaway. I’m happiest on the beach or at the pool with an appropriately garnished adult beverage — the more umbrellas and pieces of flair the better! I have visited Thailand, the Maldives, Mauritius, South Africa… but I think my favorite vacation is always the next one because I like looking forward.

CM: That’s nice, Elizabeth. Well played! What do you love about home?

EN: I always love making a house a home, but I’m also super impulsive; so decorating, collecting furniture, arranging it, painting, then changing my mind a week later at 3 a.m. and redoing it all is super fun for me! I also love entertaining, sharing my home with friends. I love to lay by the pool, can’t get enough of the Texas sun! I have a cat named Tyson and a dog named Belle. Tyson is named as such because he bites ears, and Belle because she’s a Southern lady!

CM: You’ve been in Austin such a short time. What are your favorite food discoveries thus far? Any favorite hangouts?

EN: A standout for me are the eggs and bacon tender belly with hollandaise at Austin’s Searsucker. Love the creme brulee from Olivia’s. I’ve always had fun out on Rainey St. and East 6th St. Send me suggestions for fun things to do! (Readers, leave us your comments here on the blog!)

Searsucker's "bacon and eggs" (left) is "bacon and eggs," pork belly topped with an egg cooked at 63 degrees (photo via; and Olivia's Duck Egg Creme Brulee (right, photo via

Searsucker’s Eggs & Bacon (left): pork belly topped with an egg cooked at 63 degrees (photo via; and Olivia’s Duck Egg Creme Brulee (right, photo via

CM: I will do so! Tell me some of your favorite movie titles. I wanna know!

EN: Some of my favorites are Point Break, The Science of Sleep, Home Alone, and Welcome to the Dollhouse…but I hate to name favorites because I like too many!

Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in Point Break. (Photo by Richard Foreman/Fotos International/Getty Images)

Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in Point Break. (Photo by Richard Foreman/Fotos International/Getty Images)

CM: I know what you mean! I have worn out a childhood copy of Point Break, and at one time, I’m positive I could quote most of Welcome to the Dollhouse. Ha! Do you wanna be “besties” with Keanu?

EN: Right now I’d rather hang out with Nick Kroll and Jenny Slate because I’m in the mood to laugh!

CM: I would be tickled to meet them, too – they slay me! Last question/command: tell me about the kind of music you like, please?

EN: I love music and will listen to anything, but I can’t help but always love Alkaline Trio and Saves the Day (I try to hide my embarrassing high school emo side, but I can’t fight it.). One of my favorite songs will always be, “Goin Against Your Mind” by Built to Spill, and I love both the song and video for Alt-J’s “Breezeblocks”….and all my friends’ bands! I love the sound of rain!

Thanks so much Elizabeth! In your short and completely helpful tenure here at Spruce, you have proven to be a quick wit, a bright smiling face to our customers, and so informative for those you’ve consulted. I/we salute you, Elizabeth! You are a golden gal, and thank you endlessly for your expertise and easy personality. We’re truly so happy to have you!