Local Business Snapshot: EcoBox

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Katherine recently filled you in on a fantastic business in town, Fine Lumber and Plywood, Inc. If it weren’t for a few key shops, we’d be up a creek. Another business that I hold especially close to my heart is EcoBox! We often get emails from new makers and business owners looking for a bit of advice on shipping products. There is so much to think about when you are first starting out, and even after five years, we are still trying to improve our processes with shipping retail. This is where EcoBox has become our knight in shining armor! They sell anything and everything you need to package and ship your items, and the staff is incredibly helpful with coming up with packaging solutions for oddly-shaped things like sofas!

ecobox austin

The box sizes are endless!  They have boxes to fit our instructional DVD‘s all the way up to a nine foot sofa. ecobox supplies

For local movers, they are stacked with moving supplies that are high quality and readily available.  ecobox tape supplies

I’m not sure if you’ve ever purchased junky tape before, but there isn’t much worse than tape that won’t stick! EcoBox sells super high-quality tape and dispensers, which helps me rest easy once a package leaves Spruce. It’s not just the products that make this place great; it’s the people! Let’s meet the team.

jame at ecobox

Meet James. He manages the front desk and helps source of all the supplies we need. He couldn’t be nicer and loves to save on paper by emailing receipts. Way to go that extra mile, James!

carlise ecoboxThis is Carlise, the man, the myth, the legend. I can’t tell you how many DOZENS of times this guy has helped me out of a pickle. He is the store manager and knows the ins and outs of every product they sell. Almost every time I have something to ship, I put in a call to Carlise. He is happy to spend his time walking me through the best options, from a single box to telescoping multiple boxes together. He even sends his guys over to help me package something extra tricky. Talk about customer service!

used boxes for ecoboxTo save on trees and money, you can purchase their used boxes for a fraction of the cost.

boxes ecobox

EcoBox will also ship boxes anywhere! So even if you don’t live in the Austin area, you can still use their products.

If you have packaging needs, call EcoBox. They will not disappoint! Visit the EcoBox website to see all the products and services they offer.