Local Business Snapshot: Alamo Glass

alamo glass austin

I want to sing the praises of another local business here in Austin. Alamo Glass is our North Lamar neighbor and a fantastic resource! So often we find pieces that have loads of potential but need some glass and mirror replacements. Years ago, we made friends with the folks over at Alamo Glass, and they have yet to disappoint. Alamo Glass specializes in glass products of all kinds. Say you make custom steel table bases, but need a perfectly cut glass top; call Alamo! They service small-project customers all the way up to large-scale home installations. Take a look at a few photos from my visit to their workshop.

alamo glass

Cindy and the team hard at work!

alamo glass

Taking advantage of the beautiful day with all the doors open.

 alamo glass

Did my best to not touch anything. 🙂

Alamo Glass can take it one step further by helping you complete some pretty complicated projects. It is nice to work with businesses who are willing to help you work through the kinks that come up in unconventional projects. Take a look at this glass window that needed to incorporate the client’s beloved tree; nailed it!

alamo glass tree

photo credit – Alamo Glass

If you are in need of help when it comes to glass and mirror products, give them a call or go by the workshop! The Alamo Glass website has loads of helpful information and great installation photos as well. Thanks to the Alamo team for letting me snap a few photos!