Ladies (and Gentlemen) Who Lunch (at Spruce!)

We all have a favorite pastime at work: LUNCH!!! The anticipated break at work that calls your name from the morning on during the work week. A time to get together with your mates, and a much needed sit-down after the kind of work that we do at Spruce – always involving heavy lifting, standing, sustained holding, hammering; general shaking and moving. We get physical! To quote Amanda, often “the goal is to eat, not what to eat!” On those days when the grocery gods are gracious, we treat ourselves to a round and nourishing nibble. This post is inspired by our interest in one another’s lunch and nutrition, and sheer hunger! We share with you a selection of current lunch ideas from members of the Spruce team.


Meredith, Frank, and Amanda chow down!


Clar, Katherine, and intern Holly feeling peckish.

Katherine’s lunch: Herbs and Spice! Sandwich with Rosemary bread, goat cheese, pesto, turkey and roasted red peppers. Side of plain Greek yogurt with mangoes, blackberries, almonds, and cinnamon. I personally think that Katherine should have a food blog. This is one of many brilliant concoctions built on simple ingredients that she brings to lunch every day.


Katherine's fresh turkey pesto sandwich with fruit, nut, and cinnamon greek yogurt.

Amanda’s dinner: So fresh and so green, green! Mixed green salad with smoked salmon, goat cheese, strawberries, candied walnuts, tomato, and her favorite dressing, ‘Fisher and Weiser’ brand roasted raspberry and chipotle vinaigrette. For those with a sensitive stomach this one is packed with protein and gentle greens and fruit. Smart lunch.


Amanda's smoked salmon salad with berries and dressing.

Meredith’s meal: Savory and Sweet unite! Meredith makes a “posh nosh” with walnut bread, thin-sliced brown sugar ham, apricot preserves, New York aged sharp cheddar cheese, then toasts and heats on our super-duper panini maker until crunch and heat are at a perfect nexus. Served with ridged veggie chips. (We are all addicted to veggie chips – you can’t keep us away!)


Meredith's posh ham and apricot preserve pressed sandwich with mixed ridged veggie chips.

Almuerzo de Frank: A working lunch! Frank comes prepared with a lunch tote every day, no failure in nutrition. It is always packed with optimal nourishment and interest. If I’m not mistaken, I think Mrs. Frank may lovingly do the packing for him. Frank’s bag today holds a whole wheat sandwich with Miracle Whip and thin-sliced Black Forest ham. The twist is 3 slices of bread! Also included are carrots, an apple, a “plute”, and delicious Ritter Sport Fine Dark Chocolate wafer cookies. Nutritious with delicious.


Frank and the contents of his healthy lunch pail. He also comes with a frozen bottle of water that thaws all day 'til the drive home!

Clar’s bite: Brooklyn Italian Deli Dreams! I used a toasted bolillo bun and stacked it with sliced ham, Genoa salami, sharp white cheddar cheese, fresh chopped briney Italian olive and veggie mix including Kalmata and green olives, cauliflower, carrots, spicy red pepper, and pepperoncini. Drizzled with Boar’s Head olive oil and vinegar herb deli dressing. This is a salty sandwich, so it’s important to cut the salt with a great bread. MMMMM. I ate some potato chips too!


My Italian deli 'hoagie' sandwich - briney and spicy for your eating pleasure. Try it - you'll like it!

We hope that you foodies will share with us any lunch ideas that are brilliant and get you motivated to finish the day. We are always on the hunt for a great daytime meal to keep us moving!