Upholstery Video #1 is Complete!


As many of you know, I teamed up with Chris Hatcher (who produced our TV Pilot) at the beginning of the year to begin work on Spruce’s first upholstery DVD. For years, we’ve been fielding calls from people all over the world looking for ways and places to learn how to upholster. Well, we listened, and the solution we came up with was for Spruce to come to you! Take a look:


Every video comes with a downloadable journal I put together to help guide you through the steps, and I’ve even set up a new section on the website, “DVD and DIY“, for upholstery enthusiasts to find tool kits and a forum where one can log in and discuss upholstery techniques and ask questions.

There are some people, I’d like to credit for their hard work:

Chris Hatcher, my talented partner in crime. Thank you for hundreds of hours spent producing, editing and perfecting this video! I’m amazed!

Dean Schanbaum, First Take Media Director. Thank you for all of your hard work, including managing the transportation and operation of truckloads of camera equipment, turning our shop into a filming studio, and having the patience to watch me do upholstery for dozens of hours.

Gerren Lamson, cover designer. What a wonderful case you created. It’s exactly what we hoped it would be!

Mel Ferro Cole, photographer. I am delighted with the photography, and thank you for creating such a flattering image of me and Spruce!

“Thank you!” to all of you who ordered your copies early. They’re on their way!

[pe2-gallery] IMG_4102.JPGIMG_4108.JPGIMG_4112.JPGDVDs done!.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

Stay tuned for a review of the video later this week by our very own, Katherine Baronet!

Click HERE to order your copy!