Inspiration: Wild Weaves!

I’ve been trying to scratch this itch for some time now – probably for the better part of seven years! Let me explain that I spent my last leg of school studying textiles, traveling, and freaking out on fashion.

Just below I have posted some recent images that are speaking my language. Specifically Thakoon and Proenza Schouler’s  Fall 2011 presentations are amazing to me! For Thakoon, there is a mix of African Batik, Asai woven blanket motifs, and “street”! The dynamic duo Proenza Schouler have employed Native American patterns, then mirrored, pixelated, and woven those designs. Brilliant! See below!

Thakoon F/W 2011 - I die! I want this leather for our work!

Thakoon F/W 2011

Proenza Shouler F/W 2011

Proenza Schouler F/W 2011

Meredith and I recently had a moment over Bolivian blankets. They are thick, colorful, heavy and luscious. I have one for a floor covering. Get into it!

Bolivian Blankets used for upholstery - get 'em at Tesoro's in Austin!

Below: some other wishes for upholstery…

Native American/Pendleton/Mexican - don't know which. Just love it!

Mexican Blanket - great colorway!

Traditional Mexican Serape...full of possibilities!

These are notes and samples for my own personal club chair makeover. We would love to see your own makeovers with any of these inspiration/ideas (or otherwise brilliant creations.) Send us your interpretations. Let’s collaborate!

Thanks guys!