Inspiration: Ruché by Inga Sempé


I recently revisited an Elle Decor magazine from many months ago, and as I was flipping through, my eye caught this little beauty.   It was so simple….yet so complicated and intricate.  The design is by Inga Sempé, a French designer from Paris.  She began her design career with intentions of designing casters and screws, hence her utilitarian aesthetic.  More recently her focus has been on designing furniture, lighting, objects, and fabrics.   One of my favorite tidbits that I read about Inga Sempé is that she cringes when asked what inspires or influences her.  She simply says, “My aim is to do things I’m interested in.”

I really like her no-nonsense approach to design, she simply wants to create things “that don’t bore her.”  My favorite pieces would easily be her ruché sofa and bed for Lignet Roset, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to her lovely lamp plate.

Enjoy her remarkable creations!

[pe2-gallery] ruche sette2.jpgruche close up.jpgruche bed.jpgruche bed 1.jpgruche bed2.jpgLamp plate.jpgvapeur lamp.jpglamp inga-sempe-luce-plan.jpghennessy bottle inga sempe.jpg[/pe2-gallery]