Inspiration of the week: Olympics!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a major sucker for the Olympics and world wide sporting events.  This year is fantastic considering we have the Vancouver Winter Olympics AND World Cup Soccer.  Living in Texas my whole life, I know very little about the icy Winter Olympic sports.  In fact, I didn’t even believe in snowflakes until I saw them in person in high school.   I was floored when I looked down at my jacket sleeve and saw the actual flake.   I’ve never been on a sled, but I see them running and jumping on to those things and I am running and jumping on the bandwagon.

Since I can’t relate to the actual sporting events, there are other aspects that reel me in.  The first is watching Olympic dreams come true.  They start interviewing the athletes and I’m a goner.  Did I tear up when they interviewed Lindsey Vonn?  Um, yes.  The other part that reels me in has to be the outfits.  For a while, back in the teen years, I wanted to be a costume designer.  Design combined with technical fabrics…awesome!

Here are some that might make the podium.  I love the American plaid jackets for snowboarding and the Union Jack looks pretty rad on the Great Britain skeleton outfits.  Apolo gets points for his red skates and I always like how bold the competitors from the Netherlands look in their bright orange.